Shinjo Kumiko


Sheathe the hungry steel
Darkness reclaimed by the day
Time consumed by love

Appearance and Personality

Kumiko is tall and thin, towering over even most men. She has long black hair, reaching to the small of her back, that she
keeps untied. She is constantly smiling, quick to forgive and slow to anger. When she was young, she was always quicker
than the other kids, but very rarely won, feeling that the wins would be better placed on them, to give them self confidence.


Kumiko was born eldest to Shinjo Umasu and Shinjo Sasumiko. As a child she was named Yuki, and had three younger brothers; Tsubaru, Yasamura, and Jakuchu. Her mother died with the birth of Jakuchu, and her father shortly after. Umasu’s land was watched over by his brother, Shinjo Tomino, Until Kumiko came of age.

Kumiko recieved her father’s land at her Gempukku, and did well with it. The land was in the heart of the Unicorn land, and included the HISUI NO YA, the primary supplier of arrows and bows for the Unicorn army, as well as the village that hosted the workers. She often visited the factory, and treated them very well.

While meeting with the Diaymo one year later, Kumiko met Iuchi Ren. He was on his way to speak with Genki, and their caravans just happened to meet. They talked on the way, and found they had much in common. Ren had devoted his life to the peace of the Unicorn. He had managed to convince several blood feuds down, winning the favor of the Diaymo. They continued to see each other, and soon fell truely in love. both of the heads of their families saw benifit to their union, so they soon got married.

Character Theme: Solid Ground

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Shinjo Kumiko

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