Mirumoto Tetsuya


The missteps of youth
His duty is etched in death
Innocence dies twice

Appearance and Personality

Mirumoto Tetsuya looks very much the typical Dragon Bushi. He is slightly taller and leaner than most, but gives the image of being small. His hair is grown long and tied into a ponytail, which he wears from dawn ’til dusk. Though impressive in niten, Tetsuya shows no dominance outside of a battlefield. He is hesitant in speech, and seldom catches the meanings behind words. He prefers quiet meditation and solitude over the dazing lights of the courts. He knows well how to obey, however, and to not draw attention to himself. Tetsuya is also slow to kill, having not slain any since his Gempukku. He draws his blade when danger arrives, but either through luck or providence, has yet to end a life. Tetsuya also abstains from alcohol, for reasons he avoids bringing up.


Mirumoto Tetsuya, originally Natsume, was born the third child of Mirumoto Arata. His father preached strict Asceticism and Bushido, believing material things would only distract a samurai from his duty. The oldest child of his family, Itsuki is a brilliant and confident bushi, and both a talented duelist and archer. The middle child, Kimiko is calm and kind. She knows just how to talk to people to get them to do what she wants, but rarely does this for her own benefit. She was married into a lesser imperial family shortly after her gempukku.

Tetsuya showed extreme proficiency at kenjutsu even at a young age, and was said to have been blessed by the spirits of Yomi in this manner. Despite his social lackings, he was chosen to go to the Topaz Championship, due to his promising skills in other fields. He was defeated in the third round by a Bayushi duelist, who went on to win. Tetsuya defeated the favored Kakita, however, so was not disappointed by his placing. After the tournament he was sent as a yoriki to Akodo Torokai, and then again in Broken Wave city.

Steps of the Sword

After Aeko’s death at the Battle of the Black Dawn, Tetsuya was promoted to Magistrate, to take her place at the side of Shinichiro, much to his surprise. He has put his best foot forward in the effort, trying to imitate the skill of Aeko in the position. He has taken a more secondary position, still retaining the reference to Shinichiro as ‘-sama’, and often deferring to his decision.

Itsuki visited Tetsuya in the City of Salt and Storms, on a matter of inheritance. Their father, being deathly ill, left the matter of inheritance based off duel rather than birth, the loser to shave his head. Before the duel, Itsuki seemed out of sorts, and Tetsuya had visions of Unaki, a peasant girl from his past. And Itsuki bore a sword, Humility, which seemed to be the cause of these hauntings. When they finally did duel, Tetsuya was victorious, and Itsuki seemed to be in less of a haze, as he relented his place as heir, and left.

While in the Dragon lands for the wedding of Tamori Tokei, the Magistrates stopped by the hometown of Tetsuya. They met his sister’s husband, Iga Yumako. He was rude and abusive to Tetsuya’s sister, which quickly lead to the challenge of a duel and the refusal therein. Tetsuya had difficulty dealing with the problem of his brother-in-law. While thinking on it he was placed under arrest, was freed by his sister, and then sought to enrage Yumako. He set ablaze to his family’s assets, and provoked the Iga into attacking him. Tetsuya slew him, and his sister urged him to leave, saying she’d take care of things.

The return of Hida Kuchiko was of monumental change to Tetsuya. She came one night, carrying a swaddling child. The child was his, and tainted by the Shadowlands. She came to him fleeing her clan, unable to fulfill her duty in ending the child. Kuchiko pleaded with Tetsuya to care for the child. He with the intention of sending the boy, Naimu, to his sister in Dragon lands. Spending the night thinking, he came to the conclusion that he could not leave that burden on her. He came to the crab woman, agreeing to ‘take care of the child’. They parted, she, to commit Seppuku, and he, murder. He killed his son in cold blood, committing the most difficult kill of his life, and losing that spark of innocence, and the care for human life. Tetsuya sent the body back to Dragon lands, giving him the Mirumoto name.

Character Theme: Hotaru Meshi

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Mirumoto Tetsuya

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