Bayushi Shinichiro


Crimson petals bloom
Cold steel hushes screams of rage
I will not falter

Wear the grudge like a crown

Appearance and Mannerisms: Shinichiro’s Truth

Spry and light on his feet, Shinichiro is slightly smaller than the average samurai. His hair the color of the void, most of which is tied back into the short ponytail, the rest escaping, and constantly attempting to get into his eyes. From different angles, those eyes appear as different shades of green, even light brown if the light is just right. His eye’s color changing stunt is not the most notable thing about them. No, their most unique attribute is the fact that he can express almost any emotion solely through his eyes, as necessity dictates. Although he has a wide range of expression, the most common of these is a sort of amused mirth. As if he knows something incredibly funny that needs to be held back.

Shinichiro is never seen without a mempo, most commonly his “Empire Is Laughing” mempo; a metallic black and red affair dominated by a massive grinning mouth. Some might call it unnerving, while others may be amused by it. Shinichiro has admitted that he uses it as a test of character. Although he owns two sets of armor (one of which is that of the Topaz Champion), he is most commonly seen garbed in a low key kimono of either muted blue, or of his clan colors. During conversation while traveling, or at the breakfast table, he has said that he feels overly constricted inside the lacquer confines of most suits of armor.

While it’s true that Shinichiro constantly shows a smiling face, and acts accordingly most of the time, he has occasionally displayed a darker edge to his fellow Magistrate and some of the yoriki. When provoked thoroughly, a dark cloud can be seen passing over his visible features. What actions follow depends on the situation, but the storm always passes quickly, amused calm returning again.

Calculate what you will

Background and Family: Shinichiro’s Past

Shinichiro rarely talks about himself at any length. Instead, he often retells stories and anecdotes about his family and acquaintances. He’s talked about how training as a bushi was difficult but rewarding. Occasionally mentioning a particularly sensei he admired, Shinichiro tells stories of misadventures by him and his fellow students. Each one is told almost as a joke, with a setup and a punch line. The tales of his family are usually much less amusing. If dysfunctional is a term used in Rokugan, it would be used to describe the Scorpion Magistrate’s family.

His mother, Rei is a cold woman, a borderline sociopath if Shinichiro’s stories are even slightly accurate. As a young boy, his mother declared that her son was “broken”, and that his unusual eye coloring was a bad omen, a sign of evil inside. She treats Shinichiro as a pariah, and the rest of her family as a duty that she does not want to undertake.

His father, Tomo has been called a fool, a clown, and a buffoon(mostly by his wife). He is the complete opposite of Shinichiro’s mother, and it would be hard to find a more atypical Scorpion. The man is almost never serious, and thus, is never taken seriously. Although he is never unkind to Shinichiro, he still favors Uma; daddy’s little girl. Shinichiro says that he supposes he gets his usually bright disposition from his father, but attempts to temper it… expressing a distaste for his father’s antics.

His sister, Uma – who was viciously named due to the girl’s unfortunate facial structure – has met several members of the Emerald Magistrate’s group. Shinichiro said that although she is family, he has never met a more annoying person in his life. Others may find the young girl unsettling, due to her uncanny ability to know things that she shouldn’t. She is favored by both her mother and father for “reasons beyond my comprehension” according to Shinichiro. Uma often appears in different disguises, pulling Shinichiro off to the side to whisper things into his ear. He always returns from these meetings visibly irritated, despite his best efforts to keep up his friendly demeanor. It is likely that there is more than just sibling rivalry between the two.

The remainder of his past remains shrouded in ambiguity.

Desperate to control

Duty, Glory, and Service: Shinichiro’s Ambition

After winning the Topaz Championship, Shinichiro was recruited as a yoriki to Akodo Torokai along with several other contestants, men and women he would come to consider friends and companions. After the group’s success and noteworthy aptitude as yoriki, Torokai chose to promote Utaku Aeko and Bayushi Shinichiro as Emerald Magistrates, assigned to Broken Wave City. Duty is something that Shinichiro has said that he takes very seriously. He says that the glory and status he has obtained since his gempukku are just results of his dedication to Chugo. He has spoken candidly about matters of honor, and acknowledges that although he respects those who live by the ideal, he feels that honor is hollow and self congratulating if you do not perform the duties to your Lord, Emperor, or Clan.

If one was to ask Shinichiro “What’s next?” his eyes would smile, and he would respond “What would you have of me?”

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Bayushi Shinichiro

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