Yoritomo Tomino


“An insult noted
Then pleasantries are exchanged
The hidden knife smirks"

Appearance and Personality

Tomino is small compared to most samurai and especially small compared to the rest of his current party. When he was younger, his smaller size and seemingly weaker demeanor had his parents push him towards the path of the courtier instead of the path of the bushi. Although not large, Tomino is still fit and also known to be sturdier than most courtiers. He can be seen as a strange mix rough and refinement. Usually seen in the finest garb and well groomed, Tomino is also the first to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty (In more than one way.) Clean, well kept nails contrasts with his weathered hands from sailing and his clean hair is kept short and out of the way.

Tomino makes it a point to enjoy life, sometimes to excess. Eating fine foods and drinking strong drinks, he often scoffs at the concept of moderation. Although one to spend lots of money, Tomino is not one for wasting money. He’s a shrewd businessman and keeps himself very organized. Say what you will about the man, but few will question his knowledge of business and his dedication to paperwork.

Tomino is young and his age shows in his character. He’s hasty to make decisions and can jump to conclusions. He’s quick to speak his mind even when it’s out of turn and for a courtier he’s not one to mince words. He harbors grudges and judges those around him critically. He can be jealous and petty but fierce and tenacious when pursuing a goal, whether his or someone else’s.


Tomino’s childhood name was Yoshi and he was born into a some what reclusive branch of the Yoritomo family. Although incredibly wealthy, Tomino’s family made it a point to keep to it’s self and hid it’s self away on a remote island. Tomino spent most of his childhood training under his grandfather in the ways of stealth and at school learning the ways of the courier. One day Tomino so impressed his grand father that he was then told the family’s dark secret.

Tomino and his family were descendants of the once powerful Gusai family and he knew that if anyone were to find out his family’s ties, it could get them all killed. Tomino further impressed his grandfather and was gifted the most valued possession in the family: Gusai’s dagger. The weapon has been passed down since Gusai was executed at the Emperor’s command and was now gifted to Tomino. Tomino’s family made arrangements after his Gempukku for him to represent the Mantis clan at the Topaz Championship and he made the journey out to Tsuma.

At the Topaz Championship Tomino preformed as well as expected from a courtier and in time accrued enough points to complete the tournament. While taking part in the tournament he came to work with a special group of samurai who’s destinies have become linked. While investigating blood magic at the tournament, Tomino worked closely with the group and was able to help put down the blood mages. During the investigation Tomino became afflicted by the Shadowland’s Taint. To this day he blames the Crane Daimyo, Kakita Ichiro, for his mishandling of the situation and forever damning him to this life of taint.

As a Yoriki

After the Topaz Championship Tomino and the other samurai in the group were given special assignments for their hard work during the tournament. They were assigned to be the yoriki of the Emerald Magistrate Akodo Torokai. During their time with Torokai, Tomino found himself at odds with the rest of the group many times and came to resent a few of them. Jealous of Shinichiro and hateful of Aeko, Tomino tried his best to work with them and the group in general was successful in it’s endeavors.

Fighting Organized crime, stopping evil spirits and solving murders, the group was starting to become known for getting the job done. In time Shinichrio and Aeko were both named Emerald Magistrates (much to Tomino’s displeasure) and he was assigned to them as an yoriki (also to his displeasure). After Winter Court, the group was sent out to a Mantis holding named Broken Wave City where soon they would all become very busy with their work.

Broken Wave City

Tomino fell into the role of the team’s only true courtier with zeal. Taking care of the their paper work and attending to their political affairs, Tomino found himself constantly busy with his work load but glad for the distraction. When being assigned to Broken Wave City, it put him close to his sister, much to his displeasure. Anything that kept his mind off his condition and relationship with his sister was welcomed.

Their initial operations on the island were generally successful and well received by the locals. They made some progress on fighting local pirate gangs and Tomino was sure to maintain the important work of his office’s tax duty. In time Tomino’s opinion of some of the team softened some, almost becoming fond of some of his fellow samurai. But soon it didn’t mater.

While working with the spider clan to take out a group of blood mages, two of his team mates were slain in battle. The battle would be seen as a great success but a costly one. After the battle Tomino seemed worried about something but generally, like always, kept things to himself. Upon finding that Aeko had some how managed to survive Tomino seemed to grow less upset. Although pleased to see that Mirumoto Tetsuya had been promoted he was now curious as to what they would do with 3 magistrates.

In time the Emerald Magistrates came to find out that Susumu Mogai, who had unveiled himself as a traitor during the battle, was hiding in the local tunnels. They headed down to confront the man and found that Susumu Hotako was there as well as a prisoner. During the insuring conflict, Tomino took it upon himself to kill Susumu Hotako because of his deep routed suspicions of her, only to find out that she was the Obsidian champion and now, he held the title.

Tomino is currently being vetted by the Unbroken, watched by the Obsidian court and most likely being followed by agents of Hunger and thirst all the while doing battle for his very soul with the shadow lands. Despite having these weights upon him daily, Tomino is working harder than ever to attend to his agendas and the agendas of the Emerald office. He is combative in court, welcoming of the office’s new comers and aggressively working against the shadow land forces on the island.

Obsidian champion

Tomino slowly became aware of his new found title and the duties there within. A samurai from the spider clan by the name of Susumu Mitsuru came to tutor Tomino in the ways of the shadow lands. Tomino found himself walking a fine line of hiding the truth of his condition from his magistrates and fellow yoriki while feinging interest in his newly inherited shadow court long enough learn how to dismantle it. These were dangerous times indeed.

Tomino was able to keep the spider contingent busy with tasks while learning more and more about his new title. He ordered the capture of Kuni Daimitsuujianobukatsu and after his capture the shugena was then later killed by Bayushi Shinichiro. Eventually challengers to his title came to call and Tomino found himself in a rough spot on thunder’s watch island.

After coming to in a pile of corpses Tomino realized that all the citizens of the island had died and that his court of spider were cleaning up the island after a large battle. The details of this incident are still vague, but Tomino knew he had to tell the magistrates and his fellow yoriki what he had seen. On his way back to the shore, Tomino was attacked and dispatched his assailant, learning of his new found powers.

Once back at the compound, Tomino informed the magistrature of the situation at Thunder watch island. The unit quickly formed up and gathered the help of whoever they could gather and journeyed to the island to investigate the situation.

Private Thoughts

Character Theme: The Grand Duel


Yoritomo Tomino

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