Tamori Tokei


“Can see things no one else can see, do things no one else can do…”

Appearance and Personality

To describe Tokei physically in a single word a polite samurai might use unfortunate. He is wiry and short, with an unsettling and asymmetrical face. His nose hooks to the right, his lower lip has a slight cleft, his skin is splotchy and discolored, and most unfortunate, his eyes; one eye is unnaturally round and bulges from its socket, while the other is stuck in a permanent squint. These traits, while difficult to notice from afar become blatantly apparent in closer proximity. As he ages, these unfortunate traits seem only to grow worse. But what the Fortunes took from his body, they gave to his mind. Tokei possesses a wild and unpredictable brilliance which simmers just beneath his quiet and attentive on. Being learned on a wide variety of subject matter, including theology, medicine, spellcraft, strategy, the Spirit Realms, engineering and architecture, even the Elements themselves, grants Tokei a wider perspective than his peers. His true mastery, however, lies in codes, ciphers, puzzles, and riddles, which he takes to with rare glee.


The Dragon, being the most likely clan to overlook the physical signs in favor of spiritual ones, believed Tokei, born Tamori Ren, had been born into dark times under auspicious signs. None were surprised, least of all his ji-samurai parents, when he displayed the gift at a young age. He took to study and to schooling like a fish to water, and was ever curious, even as a young child. As a shugenja of rare promise he was among the Tamori presented to a powerful Otomo diplomat as a suitor for his youngest daughter, Otomo Haoko. Young Ren was quickly dismissed as unsuitable. Believing he could guide his daughter to select the correct Tamori, the father allowed her to select her future husband out of a sense of misplaced affection. To his shock, Haoko selected the malformed Ren, and that was that. Though the two are sworn, Haoko’s brother, Otomo Vede, disapproves of the grotesque and misshapen little shugenja even more so than his father.

Spending all his formative years in the hermitage of the Dragon Mountains, it was quite a shock when he finally left them to see the rest of Rokugan. Considering his talent for magic, and his well rounded education, he was selected to compete in the Topaz Championship. He performed well, and again, surpassed expectations by being chosen as a yoriki for a prominent Emerald Magistrate. Tokei, having advanced his mastery over earth and fire, and over the many arts he prizes, is ever learning, and ever humble, both in good fortune and in bad.

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Tamori Tokei

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